The Impatient Nifty

I’m Nifty.27038_BLOGJPG_20150529123245910

That’s not really my name. “Nifty” is just short for NF1…and it kinda describes me.  Let me tell ya about myself.

Some Nifties see this tag as a drag … or the bumps as dumps … Not me! Things ‘er gonna happen ’cause I’m a Nifty.  And I mean that with a capital “N.”  The label will enable!

It’s not only what I got or what I am.  It’s also what I ain’t.  I mean it’s nifty not to have diabetes and not to be overweight.  I mean sugar is a booger and extra pounds are out-a bounds.  Do ya get it?  And if that’s good for me – we’ll make it good for you, too.  Heck – I mean for everybody!

I mean, like …. see these bumps?  When we know how they come about, golly dang, it’ll do us both good.  I mean really … really … when you get right down to it, there’s ways I’m kind’a glad I got these bumps … and these spots.  There’s some other stuff too, but that’s for later.

The other day, I was really in a pickle.  I was tryn’ to decide … was it just a trickle … or some kind of ragin’ river?  Anyway … the ideas just keep flowing.

Am I boring you?  Or do ya wanna know about bein’ a Nifty?

There is a bunch of us … you know … like about 100,000 in the U.S. of A.  And – if can you believe it – about 2 million of us gracing Mother Earth in the big picture.  That’s gotta mean something’ … right?

Some people think I’m impatient about this stuff.  But, it’s not true – I’m just in a hurry.  I wanna make a blast real’ fast. Now!  Not later.